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Interfaces for high efficiency in purchasing


Target Group

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Procurement of hardware, software and services consists of a multitude of processes that can be time-consuming and complex. And the larger the order volume, the higher the risk of making errors, which comes to light at the very latest during controlling or upon closer inspection of the merchandise management system.

A smoothly operating order, delivery and logistics chain as well as highly integrated, automated processes with direct connection to the supplier are currently at the top of the wish list of purchasing managers. This is because many employees still spend a lot of time searching for products, obtaining quotes, and manually triggering orders, invoice operations and the transfer of data to the ERP system.



The Ingram Micro Solution:

With the JSON API, we provide our partners with cutting edge, field-tested technology for process automation and integration into their own systems.

This API enables seamless integration of ordering processes all the way to the end customer. Buyers can access our entire range of products in real time without time-consuming detours. They can also research availability and delivery times, process their orders, track the current delivery status and integrate all data into their customer’s financial and ordering system or various desktop applications. The direct connection between the ERP systems eliminates manual processes and ensures comprehensive transparency.

Our API is designed for real-time transactions, which means they process data from the Ingram Micro system within seconds, securely and with high accuracy, regardless of which of our roughly 600,000 products your end customer is interested in.


Your Benefit

Together with our specialists you can program the API in such a way that in the future your purchasing at Ingram Micro is fully automated and highly integrated into your own systems. Your product searches and transactions occur in real time and with high accuracy. You always work with the latest data, allowing you to provide effective and precise support to your purchasing customers – with significantly reduced personnel costs.

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