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I hereby give my consent to the use of my e-mail address for sending the selected information, offers and newsletters. I acknowledge that I can object to further receipt of the information material at any time without giving reasons.

You can change your e-mail address at any time after issuing your customer number in your personal login area. :

Data processing

Data processing:
Loyalty programs offer our clients exclusive promotions, incentives and opportunities. Our global marketing teams use data analysis to gain valuable insights that help our customers take advantage of market opportunities at the right time.

I agree that my company's order history will be stored to provide customized information to increase my sales (for example, potential leads, rebate information, promotions, affiliate programs).

Invoices & Delivery notes

Invoice and delivery notes:
Please note that the dispatch of invoices and delivery notes for our new customers is only possible electronically by e-mail.
You can make changes to the dispatch route or changes to e-mail addresses in your personal login area (dashboard) at any time after issuing the customer number.

Export business

Are you planing to export goods you purchase at Ingram Micro's?:
Questions for export-operating resellers

As a German subsidiary of a globally operating US-American group, we as Ingram Micro Distribution GmbH are obliged to comply with the regulations of US export control law in accordance with the US Export Administration Act of 1979 and other export regulations.
For this reason and against the background of the worrying spread of international terrorism, Ingram Micro has developed this form. In this context we ask all exporting companies for whom a customer number is to be set up at Ingram Micro Distribution GmbH.

We therefore ask you to answer all questions truthfully and completely and not to use abbreviations. Only in this way can we guarantee that your new customer inquiry can be processed promptly and properly by us.

In this context, we would also like to draw your attention to the following Internet links, which provide further information on export regulations and security aspects:

The American Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS)
The US Export Control Base
An overview of all US consulates
The German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control
Short description of the export control (PDF file)
Please enter all countries you are planing to sell good purchased at Ingram Micro's.
If yes, please list all company names and countries where the companies are operated.


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