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• Native speakers as sales account managers

• Technical sales knowhow for complex and multi-countries projects

• One central point of contact 

• Deals in different currencies - EURO, USD , PLZ, NOK, DKK, CZK

• Specific Deals with large volume of products.

• High Performance in after sales services

• Provider of credit solution in specific projects.

• Largest IT Portfolio in Europe (350 Vendors – 100.000 Articles)

• High service level in logistic services.

• Daily shipments out of our warehouse in Straubing  to any destination worldwide at very fair prices.

• Insurance services door to door at very attractive conditions within Europe

• Individual international fulfillment logistic solutions









full support for international projects. (multi countries)

Increase your assets in markets where you have not enough presence.

You get international leads but do not know how to manage them.

You need one central international point of contact offering you a full export expertise.

You have overstocks and needs solutions.










+49 (0) 89 4208-1940


BG sales speaker

+35 (0) 2 804 9399


CZ  sales speaker

+420 239 016 840


DK sales speaker

+45 4516 0059


FI   sales speaker

+49 (0) 89 4208-1940


GR sales speaker

+30 697 269 7576


IS   sales speaker

+49 (0) 89 4208-1940


NO sales speaker

+47 23 05 00 00 (3)


PL sales speaker

+48 22 306 01 77


SK sales speaker

+421 268 622 314






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FTP Data Service


Price files, stock availability files, backorder reports and much more...

Ingram Micro's FTP (File Transfer Protocol) data service can provide our trading partners with a wealth of information. FTP data files can provide valuable information for managing and co-ordinating your business activities with Ingram Micro. FTP data files can deliver virtually unlimited quantities of data including product catalogue updates, manifest files and transaction records, automatically keeping your internal systems up-to-date. Downloading the data requires little more than a web browser and an Internet connection, making this a very cost-effective way to access and integrate supplier data provided by Ingram Micro 

FTP Benefits

  • Easy to use - no specialized hardware or software required
  • Maintain a local database of Ingram Micro products and pricing
  • Hourly stock level files. Less reliance on phone calls to check availability
  • Automatically import data directly in to your back office system
  • Backorder tracking
  • Comprehensive order information
  • Complements our XML integrated solutions
  • Daily price files are available to all Ingram Micro accounts


Please contact your Account Manager or Sales Team Manager if you are interested in our FTP Data Service.

XML Integration Services

Transact with Ingram Micro directly from your own e-commerce or ERP system

IM-XML is a Business to Business integrated solution that leverages the flexibility of eXtensible Mark-up Language (XML) Using IM-XML, trading partners connect directly and in real-time to Ingram Micro’s world-class inventory and distribution platform, IMpulse. IM-XML automates business transactions such as price checks, availability and ordering, with the flexibility to adapt quickly to new situations and support new processes. 

Ingram Micro has developed IM-XML which consists of multiple distinct XML transactions. Utilizing these transactions can give you control over the cycle of any order you place with Ingram Micro. IM-XML provides upstream and downstream connectivity for Ingram Micro's trading partners. It is a cost-effective choice for supply chain automation, telesales applications and e-commerce solutions.


IM-XML benefits

  • Increase your productivity. Save time and cost through order automation and live price and availability
  • Instant allocation of stock to your orders
  • Automation of order processing from your e-commerce web site or purchasing system
  • Virtual warehousing – show live Ingram Micro availability on your systems
  • Reduce duplication of effort – transact with Ingram Micro directly from your own purchasing system
  • Take control of the order process – Add lines, remove lines, release or cancel your own orders
  • Track your orders to delivery – follow order progress from submittal to delivery
  • Electronic Invoicing
  • Quicker and more cost effective to implement and run than other Business to Business integrated solutions such as EDI

Links To More Information 

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Technical requirements 


All IM-XML integrations are subject to business approval. Please contact your Account Manager or Sales Team Manager if you are interested in undertaking IM-XML integration. If you have any technical enquiries regarding our IM-XML system please email 


Hosted Webstore Solutions

Are you selling online? If not, we have the solutions to get you up and running

Ingram Micro has developed a fully featured Web Store to enable our reseller partners get up and running online. Let your customers browse your product range and buy online from your brand new web store.

The Web Store can feature:-

  • The complete range of products from Ingram Micro as well as any other products you would like to offer to your customers
  • Lots of Rich content
  • Product images for thousands of products
  • Detailed Specifications for your customers to view
  • Online Credit card and PayPal verification
  • Daily product and price updates
  • Product Comparison tools
  • Easy Price management
  • Fully hosted



Available for only 119 € per month and a set-up fee of 199 €, this really is a cost effective professional solution for you to give your business an online presence. We could have you up and running in a week.

Our references:
















To get your business online please contact your Account Manager or Sales Team Manager for further information about the possiblities for your store

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