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One Click Cloud Adoption

Boost for uncomplicated Azure business

Target Group

Resellers, system houses, IT service providers with SME customers


Setting up virtual environments and cloud-based solutions that inexperienced companies can work with well, securely and quickly – this is anything but trivial and can be a real headache for everyone involved.

Especially for smaller and medium-sized companies, the sheer volume of available cloud services often seems bewildering. But it can also be a real challenge for resellers to filter out exactly those solutions from the huge offer that are useful to their customers now and perhaps even lay the foundation for scaling and new business models. On top of this, organisational obstacles to regulated use are often encountered. For instance, if some employees have already jumped the gun and are working with cloud applications without taking care of specifications or thinking about coordination with other operational areas.

Where experience is still lacking, cloud adoption frameworks (CAF) from popular providers offer little relief. They are highly complex and entail a great deal of work, for example in sizing. The result: Customers don’t know what they're doing and established IT partners can only serve them poorly or not at all. But we wouldn’t be who we are if we watched the business opportunity to bring small and medium-sized companies into the cloud simply fizzle out for our partners. We don’t think a CAF should be an obstacle and that’s why we actively support where others would say “Here's the repository, good luck with that.”

The Ingram Micro Solution

The One Click CAF – a specially developed framework that is just as suitable for beginners as for experienced professionals. It’s hard to start Azure projects easier, faster and with less effort: One Click CAF allows you to quickly set up a secure “Cloud Landing Zone” from which you can create a stable cloud environment for your customers and provide the services they need with virtually one click.

We don’t leave you on your own – instead we provide you with experts who accompany you from analysis of the prerequisites at the end customer to creation of the cloud environment.

Our One Click CAF is based on a minimum viable product (MVP) and follows the best practices and security requirements of Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework. It aims to create a secure basic environment and prevent typical initial errors. This is done with the help of templates, by limiting the number and types of VMs or by focusing on dedicated virtual servers (for example for SAP). And best of all: Services such as automated backup, firewalls, etc. are also rolled out.

Once set up, the template-based basic environment can then be expanded in a modular fashion at any time – for example with productive systems such as application and database servers or Azure Virtual Desktop.  

What exactly the individual customer needs to get started, which services are right for this and what needs to be set up for this – we determine all this together with you during two consulting days, which are included in the One-Click CAF service. At the end customer appointment, our specialists can also act as employees of your company if desired.

Figuratively speaking, One Click CAF is a prefabricated house with selectable equipment levels, but in any case 100 percent compatible with Microsoft. And from the huge number of available Azure services, we extract the ones that really benefit your customer, set up a solid and secure basic environment together with you and ensure that everything is suitable for later, modular expansions as well.

Your Benefit

  • You start with a solid, secure basic environment.
  • You do Azure business with your customers virtually from a standing start.
  • You have specialists at your side who actively take you by the hand.
  • You benefit from our consulting and save learning effort, work and a lot of time.
  • You work with built-in best practices, security solutions and high speed.
  • You provide your customers with an operational, stable and easy-to-use cloud environment within the shortest possible time and position yourself as an innovation partner.
  • You catch up with Azure service providers in the medium term and open up a new business segment.

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