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Cloud Marketplace

Target Group

All reseller


Commercial end customers are enquiring about cloud services more and more often. This confronts resellers with the challenge of convincing customers they know their stuff while navigating a confusing provider market to find solutions appropriate to the requirements of individual customers

The Ingram Micro Solution

With the Cloud Marketplace we’ve developed the most extensive, dedicated multivendor platform available on the market. This gives our partners – besides an impressive portfolio of scalable solutions, training/ enablement plus (managed) services – a central interface for all aspects of their cloud business.  

Irrespective of whether partners are only just venturing into the world of cloud solutions or have already amassed professional expertise in the cloud, they can find everything they need here – quickly and intuitively: The central system management, automated process chains and clear interfaces make it easier for partners to juggle their work between scrutinising quotes, acquiring competence, optimising sales and running payments.

Partners wishing to be relieved from the burden of standard tasks (such as management and operation of cloud infrastructures) can book services from us via the Cloud Marketplace. 

Despite highly effective automation, it’s perfectly natural that partners should be able to rely on personal support and advice too. Our teams are there for you – by phone or in live chat. They’re also able to bring you together with experts, who can assist you actively with know-how in the requested area, as and when required. 

Your Benefit

Our continually growing catalogue of innovative services with full-text search option lets you find the right solution for your customers – enabling you to offer them services in just a few clicks. You can get your sales off the ground quickly – minus up-front costs and without having to fear the stress accompanying on-boarding or tough contract negotiations.  

A single sign-on with your customer number gives you access to all areas of the Cloud Marketplace.

Bookings, service activation, licensing, invoicing and subscription administration are fully automated and transparent. In this way, the management interfaces enable a granular administration of end customers.

This gives you a complete overview of the services utilised at your customers – allowing you to easily compile supplementary or substitute offers at any time. 

White label options enable you to offer your customers cloud services and infrastructure (IaaS, PaaS) in your own name while establishing individual marketplaces for them. Professional information and communication tools are also available, which help you to build up an image as much more than a future cloud partner among existing and potential customers.  

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