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CloudBlue Rev

Simplification and clarity -from quoting and ordering to invoicing and billing reconciliation 

Target Group

System houses, MSPs


You are booking various cloud services, you purchase hardware, licenses, services. All the while, your accounts become increasingly confusing -- for your company just as much as for your clients. At times, customers no longer need some services; at other times, different or additional services are being added. Reconciliation and invoicing are becoming more complicated and require more time, especially when everything must be processed across multiple accounts and different systems. Ultimately, the question arises: "What is happening here? Which costs what? And what exactly should I be billing for?"

The Ingram Micro Solution

CloudBlue Rev provides for clarity and simplifies the work for everyone involved. Its automation and consolidation functions which we continuously expand and optimize, already serve as the interface and control point for quotations, purchasing, invoicing and account clearance.

At the same time, CloudBlue Rev minimizes the need for reconciliations and corrections. Making this possible is a seamless tracking . From the integrated quotation tool to provisioning and billing to the verification of invoiced services, CloudRev Blue has everything under control. This enables you to stay on top of things and saves you considerable time and manpower.

Your Benefit

  • You work with a powerful inquiry and quotation tool
  • Your orders with Ingram Micro and the billing are done automatically
  • You save the time and effort for verifying invoiced services.
  • You have several ERP connections to choose from, but you can also individualize connections for you and your customers.
  • You always have a consolidated overview of everything and unburden your employees. 

Contact person

Stefan Berger
Stefan Berger

Platform Success Manager