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Go to Market Hub

Target Group

System houses, MSPs, IT service providers, all Resellers 



Without your own marketing resources and significant budget for external agencies, it is quite difficult to provide existing and potential customers with useful information on cloud solutions advertise certain services or provide specific offers. 

The time required for research in the various sources, preparing information, distribution, monitoring success and follow-up is high and resources are limited. Yet promoting demand and increasing sales is actually at the top of the the priority list.

The Ingram Micro Solution

A powerful platform for the standardized, automated marketing of your cloud services, like no other of its kind in terms of scope and depth. The Go-to-Market Hub offers you a wide variety of professionally designed tools and templates, which you can customize with your own logo and an individual message with just a view clicks and send to your customers.

This includes mailings and advertisements   as well as social media posts or banners. For your sales force there are always up-to-date presentations, playbooks and sales sheets for the products and solutions, as well as instructions, whitepapers, videos and webcasts for almost everything we offer in the Cloud Marketplace.

Furthermore there are analysis tools for quantifying success and lead management. A dashboard gives you a constant overview of all your activities and customers.

The Go-to-Market Hub allows you to realise professional marketing pretty much off the cuff, while automating communication with your customers – free of charge, in line with the GDPR and without any reference to Ingram Micro.


Your Benefit

You have a central go-to-point for information and marketing, providing just what you need for your business around the clock. You can utilise professional sales and marketing materials without having to deploy valuable human resources and invest precious finances – all while positioning yourself outwardly to the customer as a cloud professional.

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