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IaaS Cost Optimization Services

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The costs can mount up very quickly when operating services in the cloud. Above all for companies who’ve so far had very little experience in making effective sense of the diverse options offered by the available platforms.

Billing according to actual usage is only attractive if the booked services are correctly dimensioned. It’s therefore important to keep a permanent eye on resources and needs -- ideally automated with reliable tools and an expert who can answer questions in cases of doubt.


The Ingram Micro Solution

The IaaS Cost Optimization Services are available via the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. The tools – available free in the Standard version – analyse the cloud infrastructure of your customers, check the capacity utilization of the booked resources and generate a report with specific instructions for action.

This usually involves typical IT questions like: Is the storage correctly dimensioned, are the servers properly equipped for the workloads, are the booked response times actually necessary?  

The Premium version provides you with support from an Ingram Micro specialist, who interprets the analysis results together with you and your customer’s technicians and helps to implement suitable measures expediently.


Your Benefit

You’re able to position yourself as a cloud expert and competent consultant to your customers in areas beyond conventional IT operations too. With the Cost Optimization Services, you can also gain anchorage in the field of IT controlling, a skill that’s highly in demand in times of cloud operation.


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