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IaaS Instant Cloud Solutions

Target Group

All resellers



A growing number of customers are interested in the option of migrating storage and security workloads to the cloud or simply holding their backup in redundant reserve. The current hindrance: Resellers of backup, disaster recovery or storage solutions operating on site at the customer are often unable to cope with platforms like Azure or AWS. Sweetening the pill for customers in this way is out of the question.


The Ingram Micro Solution

Together with Azure and select manufacturers, we offer partners the opportunity to automatically provide, roll out and operate solutions for their customers in predefined environments with appropriate storage.


Your Benefit

You can roll out virtual environments rapidly and without complication for your customer and integrate these in existing infrastructures. The constantly updated Instant Cloud solutions packages we provide for you spare experienced experts the time-consuming search for suitable cloud components for the relevant application. Newcomers to the world of Azure have a virtual basic environment available ad hoc. The relevant deployment is automatic – allowing you to impress the customer by fulfilling requirements rapidly.

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IaaS Instant Cloud Solutions

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