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IaaS LifeCycle Services

Target Group

All resellers



More and more customers are talking about the cloud and calling conventional IT operations into question. We expect a realistic estimation and solid consultation regarding the correct procedure from you in order to effectively modernise IT operations. You’re not fully at home in this field, but there’s no way you want to lose your customers.


The Ingram Micro Solution

The IaaS Life Cycle Services allow us to help our partners realise initial cloud projects at their customers. Even experienced system houses can benefit from our services: You can fully concentrate on the implementation of complex customer requirements and major orders , while we look after your standard projects.

The IaaS Life Cycle Services cover the complete IaaS project cycle  – from presales and analysis or planning and architectural consulting (Architecture and Design Services) plus proof of concept through to migration from on-premise to a cloud platform – including the complete documentation.

Discovery and Assessment Services

Our cloud experts utilise powerful tools to scrutinise your customer’s IT – on your behalf. The aim: Identifying cloud-enabled workloads. For customer who are still inexperienced with the cloud, it’s a matter of finding applications that are easy to migrate and operate in the cloud.

Architecture and Design Services

Together with you and your customer, our cloud architects will devise an ideal solution in workshops. The aim is a cloud architecture for the relevant application as well as a project plan adopted jointly.

Proof of Concept

We provide the jointly developed architecture in AWS or Azure. There you can organise workloads for test purposes together with your customer – all for up to 30 days.

Migration Services

If the solution proves its merit in testing, the migration can be carried out. Following this realisation, you’ll receive complete documentation for the solution and implementation in the cloud for your customer.


Your Benefit

You can talk about IaaS services and solutions with your customer right away. With Ingram Micro as an effective partner, you’re able to position yourself as a competent consultant to your customers. You don’t need any special training or certificates for this. As your customer’s first point of call, you’re involved in all project phases – from the initial meeting right through to implementation.

Companies with international customers also have the advantage that Ingram Micro services are available worldwide.


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