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Well architected Framework Review

Quality control and optimisation for own cloud solutions at AWS

Target Group

System houses, resellers


Amazon AWS offers a plethora of services and functionalities. Keeping track of things and making the best choice isn’t easy – even for experienced architects and developers.


Whether software operation is stable, secure and efficient in the cloud, what additional infrastructure this requires, or whether the company's own solutions can even be transferred to the cloud in a structured way – these are questions many companies find difficult to answer on their own. The result: operational problems, increased costs and ultimately a lack of competitiveness. With a comprehensive review of their architecture, however, companies can optimise their cloud structures, processes and operating costs via an integral approach.

The Ingram Micro Solution

Whether it's supporting multiple customer environments on AWS or developing your own software, our WAF service provides expert support throughout the entire preparation, review and optimisation process. As a member of AWS's Well-Architected Partner Program, we have thoroughly trained, qualified and certified staff that you can turn to at any time. For your architecture assessment and optimisation plan, we work – worldwide – with nOps, a global services partner that AWS strongly recommends. The focus of the review by nOps is on

  • Operational excellence, i.e. all aspects of activity
  • Security
  • Failure safety + availability
  • Performance + efficiency
  • Cost optimisation.

Interesting to know: The ride-hailing service Uber already saved around 15 per cent of its cloud costs in the first month after receiving the Well Architected Review.

Your Benefit

  • You receive analyses and optimisation specifications – without having to invest your own time and personnel.
  • You know what your developers need to do.
  • You will learn what the cloud costs you and how the cost structure can be improved.
  • Quality assurance for your cloud structures and processes has a lasting effect.
  • You receive a certificate that inspires confidence and sets you apart from the competition.

Contact person

Leon Heissmann

Business Development Manager