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CreditFlex – extended financial leeway for project business

Target Group

Every reseller


Boosting a credit line and extending a payment term


You work with very large customers or the public sector in your project business. Projects can be very complex and it may take some time until acceptance. Long payment terms are usually associated with this.

The Ingram Micro Solution

To give you flexibility and safety while creating financial leeway in your project business, we have combined CreditFlex, PayFlex and CreditOnTop. We handle your projects together with you and give you additional credit plus an individual payment term for this. The precondition here is positive creditworthiness on the part of your end customer.

Your Benefit

You carry out your project business safeguarded financially and fully independent of the credit line that you have at your principal bank directly via Ingram Micro.

Contact person

Doris Eichenseher

Senior Specialist

Risk Analysis Field Services

Susanne Hamann

Senior Specialist

Risk Analysis Field Services