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Technologie as a Service

Technology for any business situation

Target Group

All reseller


In times of uncertain prospects, many companies find it difficult to invest in workplace equipment for the long term. Even places that required staff to be present at all times now have many employees doing their jobs from home or remotely. It’s hard to say whether and to what extent the current exceptional situation will become permanent, how many office workstations a company will need in the medium term, or how work safety regulations may develop for employees working remotely or from home. This also makes it difficult for IT partners to convince decision-makers to tie up capital. The risk of investing in new workplace solutions that may not even be enough in 12 months or that are overscaled is simply too high for most companies.

The Ingram Micro Solution

Technology-as-a-Service will fully equip workspaces in the office, at remote locations or at homes based on a convenient rental model.

What’s special about TaaS? There’s no obligation to buy once the contract is up. Neither the partner nor their end customers have to worry about returning equipment and software: The ITAD team at Ingram Micro takes care of it all. And if the end customer still needs equipment, the new TaaS contract will once again supply them with state-of-the-art devices and technology.

The three models, including printers, displays, and input devices, cover a vast majority of current work requirements within companies, but can also be tailored to customer-specific requirements, of course. In any event, we will make sure your customers have the right configuration, setup, software and everything they need.

Your Benefit

  • You rent all the equipment for all types of workstations to your customer.
  • Unlike with a lease-purchase agreement, when the contract is up, there’s no obligation to buy: Either you simply have our ITAD service collect the rented equipment, or they can replace devices with the latest technology.
  • Integrate your own services and issue your customers flat-rate invoices as long as the TaaS contract is in effect, or maybe you’d like to cancel it early.
  • You can support your customers flexibly, always working with predictable costs.
  • You save on time and personnel. We equip the systems based on your specifications and deliver them straight to the customer in your name. This eliminates the time and staff resources required for configuration, setup and, on request, software installation – taking a huge load off your customer’s IT department and you, freeing up time for more important tasks.

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