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Your company wins a big project, for instance from a public-sector client. But you need to finance hardware and software in advance. Your customer will pay 90 days after acceptance. Neither your company’s financial reserves nor its credit line are adequate for financing the project, and your bank also declines to help.

Seasonal effects such as end-of-year business push your company to its limits: many customers still wish to implement projects, or at least begin them. However, your technicians are already working flat out, and your company reached its credit limit a long time ago.

Another challenge is that decisions about IT investments are nowadays often taken by commercial managers and managing directors. Economic and financial details are frequently of more interest to them than technical necessities because IT is taking up an increasing share of the operating costs of most companies and firms are under pressure to cut costs.

Furthermore, many customers no longer wish to shoulder the economic risk of IT investments. So they look for alternatives, such as paying low usage fees on a regular basis rather than making one-off major investments for procurement purposes. This increasingly requires you to have specialist know-how regarding amortization cycles, financing models, and returns on investment (ROI) in the IT field.

Financial independence and modern financing solutions both for you and for your end customer can create competitive advantages.


The Ingram Micro Solution

Ingram Micro supports you in this demanding environment by providing various types of solutions backed up by the financial power of a successful global company which also cooperates with strong partners. We use custom-made financing solutions to provide the optimal solution for you. We offer you a credit line which is specifically tailored to your business model and know-how – independently of any insurer or of purely economic factors.


With Ingram Micro Financial Services you can serve your customers without having to miss out on business opportunities if funding gaps do arise. Channel financing provides you with the support of our specialists who have years of experience in the IT financing field. Our experts will start off by developing the right form of funding for projects to create multi-vendor IT solutions, and they will support you from the first consultation meeting through to a joint appointment with your customer’s commercial manager or management team.

Your Benefit

Benefit from our know-how and financial clout. At Ingram Micro we know how IT projects unfold and we understand your business. Our financial services will help you to serve your customers reliably and to generate more business.

Professional advice in relation to funding via channel financing will also enable you to convince decision-makers outside of your IT department of the need for an investment. Together with a specialist from Ingram Micro you can take on the role of business consultant in relation to your customer.

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