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The marketplace for pre-owned IT hardware that connects global inventory and global demand

Target Group

System houses/VARs, integrators, IT service providers


Global platform for structured sales of hardware and electronics in large quantities



Sellers: You take back large quantities of used hardware or other electronic equipment from your customers. You want to remarket the equipment through a structured process. You are looking for bulk buyers, regardless of their geography.

Buyers: Your customers ask for large quantities of used hardware. You want to meet this demand by buying the hardware from verified, reliable suppliers, through a structured process.

The Ingram Micro Solution

With Renugo, Ingram Micro provides a global auction platform for verified buyers and sellers of pre-owned and refurbished hardware. Originally designed for Ingram Micro's own ITAD business, the platform also welcomes third-party vendors today. To ensure the integrity of the platform, third-party vendors will need to undergo an audit. You don’t need be an Ingram Micro customer to use the platform, though.

Renugo is designed for batch sizes from 50 to 4000 pieces, depending on the device class. The platform meets all the requirements of modern e-commerce, in terms of usability and handling. A rating system ensures that the goods really are in the condition described in the offer. 

Today, some 2700 buyers and sellers from 22 countries are trading used hardware on Renugo.

Renugo in 1 minute

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This video explains why Consumer Electronics and/or IT assets should/can be sold on Renugo from Third Parties:


This video explains our "White Label" SaaS solution for other companies to use Renugo technologies in their own environment.


Your Benefit

You have access to large suppliers and customers worldwide, on a platform operated by strong partner who guarantees reliable and safe business.

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Renugo for Buyers and Sellers

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Jörg Edel

Senior Manager Services & Trainings