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Defective devices at your customers? Ingram Micro Repair!

Target Group

Every reseller


Any item of hardware can suddenly develop malfunctions or fail completely. Most partners simply don’t have the troubleshooting time to ascertain the reasons for this and repair the device. Yet the customer insists on you rectifying the damage promptly – and all this often after the guarantee has expired.

The Ingram Micro Solution

We offer repair services that are certified by numerous manufacturers. You can track these fully transparently in our service portal at any time. In addition to meticulous screening and repair by qualified personnel, we also ensure express exchange, software updates, data backup and transfer, wherever necessary. For services outside the warrant period, you will naturally receive a cost estimate and detailed damage documentation.

Your Benefit

Your devices are in the hands of qualified technicians, who know all about the product down to the last detail. You can keep a close eye on the status and costs at all times, enabling you to offer prompt support to your customers without having to provide or redirect personnel for this.

Contact person

Anja Krabbe

Manager Customer Care & Communication