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Personalised product customisation and finishing for every batch size

Target Group

System houses, integrators, corporate resellers, vendors


The combination and appearance in which products are presented to trade can be crucial for their sales success. That means refinements and enhancements are an important topic in the ICT market. Not everyone is set up for such a practical implementation – especially when it comes to larger unit volumes. This is because the effort and expense is considerable, and the processes for refining and assembling certain products, the manufacture and kitting of individual packaging, POS materials and shipping to the sale outlets of the various channels are equally as diverse as they are labour intensive.

On the other hand, projects aimed at digitalisation of schools, public authorities or private sector companies are lucrative, but usually involve a lot of work. These orders are subject to substantial challenges in the technical and logistical fulfilment, especially with regard to available resources:

The contractor usually has to manoeuvre an unusually large amount of products. He must deliver them on schedule to many different locations ─ after implementing the special requirements for the devices. Such requirements can greatly complicate the task, even if it is actually ‘only’ about mobile devices. In this case, the extra requests can range from physical device protection and uploading of images to unique security and allocation labels for the various batches and user groups. In many cases, the individual devices must also be engraved or convey messages, for example with a logo, a text sleeve or a special campaign sticker on the packaging.

To plan, implement and deliver all these requirements by the set deadlines requires diverse support from various service providers and an insane amount of coordination, because the schedule for these projects is usually very tight.


The Ingram Micro Solution

Place your project in the capable hands of our service organisation, which has specialised in value-added services for IT operations for more than 28 years. Our routine services include separation of large packages, product customisation, finishing (e.g. engraving and shrink-wrapping), gift set assembly, bundling of different products into a new product according to customer demands, insertion of brochures or advertising materials, as well as creation of POS or inventory labels, stickers or individual packaging. Of course, we handle all project engineering, development and coordination as well as sophisticated logistics and post-sale transactions.

All our teams from IT to production and packaging as well as our processes are designed to be scalable, allowing us to deliver even large capacities on time. For example, we provided well over 15,000 tablets for 150 schools in North Rhine-Westphalia with protective foil wrapping and covers. We also created security labels for all devices along with MAC addresses and delivered the bundles to the schools in special packaging on schedule. We can meet your customers’ special needs on almost any scale.


Your Benefit

You will gain a clear competitive advantage by customising your products. Regardless of the batch size, you will receive customisable packaging according to your wishes, with technical adaptations by certified IT employees, without having to go through third parties or establishing your own resources. Instead of having to coordinate several service providers, we will be your single point of contact, handling all work processes and quality control as well as deadline-compliant delivery. That lets you bypass error risks and helps you save time, nerves and money, while boosting customer satisfaction at the same time.

Contact person

Anja Krabbe

Manager Customer Care & Communication

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