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Fulfillment Services – we make sure your delivery arrives as intended

Target Group

Every reseller


Shipping simple and complex orders


Sending ordered goods so that they arrive reliably and punctually where they are needed can be quite a challenge. From customer branches and recipients different from the normal delivery address, or roll-outs at several locations through to complex customs regulations for international orders, logistics expertise is often called for – yet this is something only a few system houses or online traders possess.

The Ingram Micro Solution

Logistics and fulfilment are our core competence. To enable you to handle even complex projects and fulfil difficult tasks, we provide a broad portfolio of fulfilment services:

  • Picking, Packing, shipping
  • Processing omnichannel orders
  • International returns network including customs clearance
  • Order orchestration & order management
  • Drop shipments
  • Click & Collect, Click & Reserve
  • Returns & shipping for branches
  • Integration of all IT systems
  • Integration of business systems and commerce tools via flexible SaaS technology platform

Your Benefit

You can utilize comprehensive and scalable fulfilment services to handle order of almost any size and complexity, without having to build up your own specialist expertise for this. You have a wide variety of professional logistics solutions at hand, which can help you to process orders optimally in a modern procurement chain, while standing out as a reliable, indispensable partner.

Contact person

Jörg Edel
Jörg Edel

Senior Manager Services & Trainings