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Personalized Delivery

Personalized Delivery – we undertake delivery note handling and shipping for you

Target Group

Every reseller


Direct delivery to your customer with your consignor


The ICT business calls for precision landing. Although human resources are having to become ever more streamlined, the requirements for deliveries correctly on schedule are growing among customers. Depending on the project, you and your employees may be subject to tremendous performance pressure and stress.

The Ingram Micro Solution

We can take the strain off you and assume the time-consuming tasks associated with shipping to customers. In our Logistics Centre, we customize the transport documents with your logo, the desired standard text and your consignor. Without reference to Ingram Micro, we make sure that the goods arrive precisely where and when they should.

Your Benefit

You don’t need to tie up personnel for shipping and can reduce the throughput time. The product arrives faster at the customer and you save expense for deliveries off your own bat.

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Personalized Delivery Postbox

Personalized Delivery