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Ingram Micro COCKPIT

Let your business fly!

COCKPIT is a unique platform for your business.

As a reseller, your market success largely depends on the right offer, at the right time and optimal fulfillment of the order. Hidden in it are diverse challenges, with which we can support you with our COCKPIT as a service.

Transparency is the central success factor in the ITC business.

To master the challenges of day-to-day business, we have created an integrated information platform with COCKPIT. COCKPIT records the systems and assets that you have placed with the customer in the past with all sales-related information.

From the manufacturer to the model, OS version, serial number to level or performance data, everything can be represented in the COCKPIT.

This means that you know exactly which customer is equipped with which technologies, when performance limits are reached or when service and license contracts expire.

So you know every day which customers need your help and where investments for renewals or tech refreshes are due. This is the turbo for your sales and a real advantage over the competition.

But the COCKPIT does much more. The transparency in the collaboration with Ingram Micro also significantly improves the COCKPIT. Every order you place with Ingram Micro, as well as every invoice from the past three years, is displayed simply and clearly in COCKPIT.

This gives you intuitive access to the order status, shipping dates, serial numbers, proof of delivery and the invoices. This speeds up your processes, makes you always available to your customers and supports your accounting.

And the best comes at the end. Most of these services are completely free of charge for you. Just start and get your business flying with the Ingram Micro COCKPIT.

Target Group

System houses, MSPs Management, Sales, Technology


Commercial monitoring of IT customers

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It’s not easy for commercial end customers to keep an overview of their IT infrastructure, installed servers, storage systems and clients. A wide variety of different devices from varying manufacturers, which the customer has purchased at different times is further complicated by a plethora of service agreements. Each with their own terms, they most probably end at different times. With the help of Excel lists and a lot of manual labour, IT departments and service providers attempt to create transparency – a time-consuming method that is prone to error. 

This problem is compounded by the fact that the short-term replacement of storage systems, which surprisingly encounter their capacity limits, or old servers whose functionality gives up the ghost. Because manufacturer delivery times or the lead time for the project registration make rapid progress difficult here. 

The Ingram Micro Solution

Ingram Micro Cockpit allows you to keep a clear overview of the IT landscape at your customers. A dashboard allows you to gain a clear overview of the machines in the customer network as well as their capacity utilization and the agreements with the relevant terms. You also receive notifications when a device has reached the end of its life cycle or the capacity of a storage system is running low.

To be able to plan the renewal of your IT at your customers more precisely, Ingram Micro Cockpit processes the data that your RMM system provides.

This also lets you initiate the procurement process via the Ingram Micro Cockpit: From an enquiry about a project price or support in tender preparation through to delivery status at the supplier, Cockpit maps the process fully.

Instead of pointing out to your customer that a problem has already occurred, you can walk into a customer meeting well prepared with the right information to make an offer with individual project price.


Ingram Micro Cockpit is available in the subscription model depending on the number of devices and agreements actually monitored. The system supports an MSP model: You book cockpit and invoice your customer a monthly fixed rate for keeping their IT transparent and devising prompt solutions instead of diagnosing problems.

Your Benefit

You offer your customer security and transparency while also sparing his IT department tiresome manual activities. Thanks to professional monitoring of the IT and service agreements and your farsighted presentation of interesting solutions, you can become established as an integral advisor in IT matters. This lets you strengthen your customer loyalty and generate predictable, ongoing turnover.


  • All order and invoice information in one web interface
  • Direct access to order status and scope, delivery times and serial numbers
  • Management of service, maintenance and leasing terms in sales
  • Creation of digital twins of your customers for more business
  • Manufacturer-independent management reporting on technical key figures such as fill levels, utilization, provisioning and backup jobs, even in heterogeneous customer environments
  • Linking technical and commercial information
  • Compliance reports and dashboards for managers
  • GDPR ready, no data protection or compliance issues. Data sovereignty remains with the customer.
  • Web access to the COCKPIT anytime and anywhere
  • Agent-free concept, no intervention in productive systems
  • Individually expandable and adaptable via open architecture and APIs
  • Available in 5 languages - German, English, French, Spanish and Dutch

This is how COCKPIT works

Ingram Micro COCKPIT fits into the customer's existing IT strategy and can be operated in the private, public or hybrid cloud. The agent-free concept of the solution has the advantage that it does not interfere with the productive systems, but rather structures the delivered data of the assets. The bundled information of the existing IT environment flows into an intelligent data lake via defined landing stages. The key parameters and KPIs are displayed in clear dashboards and support you in making decisions.

Contact person

Jürgen von Stein-Lausnitz

Business Development Manager

Services & Trainings