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Robotic Process Automation

Take off with process automation

Target Group

Every reseller



Companies want to automate recurring processes – preferably with an IT partner they trust and who knows their business. Successful automation examples from merchandise management and accounting, in administrative and sales workflows (such as in insurance or finance), are attracting interest across all industries. Demand for RPA solutions is rising because using robots in business processes not only saves time – it also reduces IT costs and frees employees from time-consuming routine tasks.

Yet many long-standing partners are not familiar with robot-based process automation (RPA). And this increases the likelihood that corresponding orders will go to a more knowledgeable competitor – who might later outbid the partner in other business areas, such as the supply of infrastructure and terminal equipment. System houses aiming to remain in or advance up the value chain will not be able to avoid RPA in the medium term.

The Ingram Micro Solution

We have developed a comprehensive Robotic Process Automation (RPA) portfolio that enables partners to rapidly enter the automation business or automate existing activities. This includes business analysts as well as consulting and sales specialists who determine what business benefits RPA can achieve for individual customers. RPA developers, solution architects, infrastructure engineers, digital consultants and, of course, experienced project managers are available for the next steps.

You design and implement the RPA tools that automate resource-intensive, repetitive processes at your customer’s site – helping them to achieve operational and financial benefits.

These specialists are all Ingram Micro employees and are available for individual support as well as in project-dependent teams – and they work on your behalf.

Your Benefit

You can position yourself as an RPA specialist with customers without a great deal of prior knowledge and personnel input – because our specialists work and communicate under your name following the white label principle.

You gain from experienced experts accompanying you through each topic and step – although you can fully outsource the relevant project to Ingram Micro too.

Without tying up your own staff, you can “hire” top talent at totally transparent hourly and daily rates.

You move a big step up the value chain and deepen customer loyalty. Because besides infrastructure, you now also look after central applications and the automation of some of your customers’ crown jewels.

Just get in touch with us.

Contact person

Elisa-Giulia Sperling
Elisa-Giulia Sperling

Business Development Manager