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Hazmat – We know how to handle your hazardous materials

Target Group

Every reseller


Management of hazardous materials


HAZMAT stands fore hazardous material, i.e. dangerous goods.

As an international distributor and service provider, we handle these materials on a daily basis, for instance installed and non-installed lithium batteries, ink cartridges or compressed gases. Added to this are ever more powerful rechargeable batteries, products such as drones or hoverboards, which means the amount of hazardous materials is continually on the rise. They are subject to increasingly stricter statutory regulations, whose compliance is monitored by authorities over all shipping routes on an increasingly restrictive basis. Whoever works with inadequate occupational safety and environmental protection measures during transport on land (ADR), by water (according to IMDG) or in the air (IATA), risks criminal sanctions.

These can even extend to the transport’s client, thus or example to you as the operator of an online shop. This is because violations against the hazardous materials regulations can affect the personal liability of managing directors and decision-makers. To avoid penalties and crippling damage to your image, your processes need to be safeguarded as extensively as possible.

The Ingram Micro Solution

We have implemented process chains for the precise assessment and classification of each product, these forming an integral element of our global supply chain management. Also able to draw on extensive expertise for special cases, we work in total compliance with the law and have developed standardized, effective solutions, in respect to both failure prevention as well as cost efficiency.

The continuous refinement of our logistics processes takes every change in hazardous materials law into account.

Your Benefit

You can benefit from certified qualified experts offering training and advice in order to optimize your processes. Or simply let us look after the fulfilment.

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Contact person

Jörg Edel
Jörg Edel

Senior Manager Services & Trainings