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Solution Center

Your solution in live operation – show your customers what modern IT can do

With the Ingram Micro Solution Center, our cross-manufacturer test and demo lab, we offer you the opportunity to test advice-intensive and explanatory solutions regardless of location.

The uniform platform for hardware and software environments can also be used to set up complex infrastructures for test and training purposes, and to carry out live demos and certifications.

You have access to innovative solutions from leading providers such as APC, Cisco, Dell EMC, Eaton, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), IBM, NetApp, Kaspersky, Microsoft, Trend Micro and Veeam.

Target Group

Every reseller


Cross-manufacturer test and demo lab with computing centre functionality


It is not always apparent from specification lists or brochures what ICT solutions can actually do for individual customers. When it comes to intermeshing processes and safeguarding these, there’s noting more convincing than a live demonstration to reveal the individual workflows at the customer in a form that can be easily grasped. But hardly any partner can afford the effort and expense that IT service providers would need to invest to set up ever newer and more realistic demo environments.

The Ingram Micro Solution

The cross-manufacturer Ingram Micro Solution Center gives your access to the powerful infrastructure of leading providers. This lets you simulate complex environments for test and training purposes and convince your customers of your approach live at us or from any other site. Based on preinstalled solutions, you can also work together with us on individual customer scenarios in the Solution Center and, where necessary, qualify and certify these. You can also get to know cutting-edge technologies via the Solution Center and test these without commitment.

Your Benefit

Top-class infrastructure is available for you to show your customers just how effective your bespoke solution concepts are. At the same time, you spare your own resources and avoid the need to invest time and effort in installing and setting up the demo equipment.


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