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UCC Showroom

A UCC Showroom that impresses customers


Target Group

System houses, integrators, IT service providers, telecom dealer




The demand for large, centralised systems for video collaboration is falling. Instead of equipping conference rooms with a giant screen and hands-free kit like in previous years, companies are now often turning towards more modular solutions. The reason: They want to be able to communicate and collaborate flexibly from any location, all without a lot of hardware overhead in the backend.

Cloud-based infrastructure (IaaS) is an effective tool to help achieve this. The benefits and reliable performance of IaaS when interacting with different devices and platforms can be demonstrated in real, multi-faceted application situations most easily. However, partners don’t often have suitable premises and a flexible test environment for a convincing demonstration with contemporary audio and video devices, where the end customers can also try it out themselves.

The Ingram Micro Solution

Using the UCC Showroom, which we have set up especially for our valued partners and their customers in Dornach, Munich. The design and high-quality technical equipment offer you optimal conditions for convincing customer meetings and the ability to demonstrate contemporary voice and moving image solutions. Here you can map real production environments, run test installations and try out the cloud-supported IaaS backend. In addition, telephone terminals, cordless phones, headsets and other UCC products are available from our portfolio in a range of prices and performance categories. These can be arranged for your customer as required and you can then try them out together. 

Upon request, one of our specialist technical consultants will help you, for instance when it comes to demonstrating the added value of modern audio and video terminals from Epos/Sennheiser, Jabra and Poly. However, you can book the room even if you just simply require a professional setting for a customer meeting. The UCC Showroom is suitable for eight to twelve people, but due to the current Covid-19 restrictions and in line with our hygiene policy, it can only be occupied by up to three guests at the moment. In this case, even more colleagues can join in online, which further enhances the real conditions of your test installations and video conferences.

Your Benefit

You and your customer use a sophisticated showroom with all amenities, state-of-the-art technical equipment and full support from certified specialists. You can map production environment and test the interoperability of different vendors and cloud-based infrastructure services (IaaS). The space is also available for video conferences and meetings. In every case, you present yourself to your customer as a competent UCC partner in a professionally designed environment.

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