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Foundational Technical Review

Entering the AWS ecosystem without stress

Target Group

ISVs (software houses)


Amazon AWS has strict standards – making it pretty difficult for ISVs to become part of the AWS ecosystem and benefit from its reach.


Vendors who want to bring their software to the cloud and run it on AWS – or those who aspire to market their solutions through the AWS Marketplace – are faced with the Foundational Technical Review (FTR). This review is mandatory. Equally mandatory is the implementation of improvement requirements that come with the FTR. This is because access to the ISV Partner Program and associated benefits is only granted to those who meet the standards. The qualification process for admission to AWS can take up a lot of time and manpower.

The Ingram Micro Solution

The entire preparation involves extensive support from staff with AWS experience and certification. Working with nOps – a partner strongly recommended by AWS – we can guarantee that you will get into the ISV Partner Program. ISV partners have direct access to AWS consultants – receiving certificates or recommendations – and also have the chance to receive financial marketing support.

Your Benefit

  • We get you into the ISV Partner Program.
  • You become part of the AWS ecosystem in a vanguard role.
  • As an ISV partner, you have direct access to AWS consultants and benefit from their expertise.
  • You enhance your visibility in the AWS Marketplace and boost your business opportunities.


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FTR Activate nOps Overview

FTR & AWS technical Review 


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Contact person

Leon Heissmann

Business Development Manager